6 Best Kinds of WhatsApp Status

6 Best Kinds of WhatsApp Status

If you are the person who loves to increase his/her social circle, using the cellphone and different social media sites is a thing you would love the most. Here we are talking about the phone, nowadays an app that has revolutionized the world is WhatsApp as it is very different, and there are many advantages of using this app, not only you can call with this app on cheap rates but also you are eligible of sharing text messages, pictures, audio messages and videos through one platform easily. The best thing about this is that it will remain private and there is no way at all that it could be leaked. If you are willing to use WhatsApp, you must also choose the best WhatsApp status for you, as it can help you in order to tell better about yourself.

Here I am going to share some of the best WhatsApp status for you that can suit you according to your nature, so don’t wait any more and let’s see the different kinds right now.

1 – Cool

If you have a cool personality or are willing that people must think that you have a cool personality then you must go for this kind, as there are many different options from which you can choose. If you are simply not sure about one you think will work for you just try any other category.

2 – Emotional

If you are in an emotional mood, this is the kind you must go for, as when you are searching on Google for some emotional status you will get many different ideas that you can easily put as your own status.

3 – Funny

If you consider yourself to be funny, or just simply want to make other happy and smile the funny WhatsApp status are the best for you. There are many jokes and short texts that you can use.

4 – Friendship

If there is a person is your contact list that you want to friendship with, best thing you can do is choose this kind of status, as he/she id has any idea at all they will understand it’s for them and you can carry out thing ever easily.

5 – Local Language Status

If you are not sure that what kind of status you have to choose, the simple way is to write anything you like in your local language as this will make a very good effect on the people who are added in your list. There is nothing wrong with connecting to your roots, and when you want the best impression, you surely choose the local language status.

6 – Romantic Status

If you are considering yourself a person who is very romantic and want to spread the message of love, choosing the romantic love status is very good, with this you can write any small line of poetry with any quote also. There are many choices to choose from, and the good will be gotten when searching online is to find the best one.

In the date of today almost, everyone is present on the social media and is using different apps that are meant to create ease for us in daily life. One of these apps is WhatsApp, no doubt this is not the first time you are hearing its name. As now every person having a phone has this special app installed on the phone. When we are talking about WhatsApp, there is one more important thing, it is the status message, yes, WhatsApp status means a lot for every person using WhatsApp. Now many people do not even know that they can change their WhatsApp status, and are simply using the original message which is, hey there I am using WhatsApp, it is also good, but not that much great when you are willing to express yourself in front of people who are added in your contacts list.

Now there are some very different reasons to why this app is popular, the first is as its almost free, you can not only exchange text messages through it, but also you are able to easily send each other pictures, voice messages and even videos, now this means it’s the best thing that has brought your life at the easiest way.

Here we are going to help you in order to choose WhatsApp status that you have always wanted for yourself, so let’s see what the different kinds of status are from which you can choose one for yourself.

Love Status

If you are a very romantic person, and the person you love is also added in your list you must go with the romantic WhatsApp status. Through this you can tell how much you love him/her without any doubt, and other people will also see what is your thinking and way of living life.

Attitude Status

This kind will only suit you if you are young, as this is used to show how careless you are and that you have your very own way of living life. It may also mean that you do not care about anything else, but when you are choosing a status for your app make sure you know what it means and how it can affect you all over. There are any different sites through which you can get different kinds of attitude status to update yours as well.

Religion Status

No matter how much religious you are, or what your religion is, there are many different statuses from which you can easily make your own choice. All you have to do is first simply decide what you want, and what image you are going after. This will help you to decide a status that is suiting your personality and your religious beliefs as well. So make sure you make the right choice before updating that status.

Decent WhatsApp Status

If you are new to WhatsApp, you must choose this kind as it will help you first know how the status works, and then make a choice for yourself.


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