A Comparison of Apple iPhone X &Samsung S8

A Comparison of Apple iPhone X &Samsung S8

In this article, we will talk about an overview of Apple iPhone X and Samsung S8, so that you can decide which one you should chose.

Apple iPhone X

It has the following specifications.


It has 3 GB RAM, which is good enough for smooth online activities.


It has the storage of 64 or 256 GB.

Rear Camera

It 12 MP with six-element lens and a quad-LED flash.

Front Camera

It features a camera of 7 MP with burst mode and exposure control.


You can enable the function of facial detection.


It has stereo speakers.

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Samsung S8

Samsung is a company that does not require any kind of introduction, the largest Smartphoneselling brand in the world is ideally known for the ultimate android smartphones. Although Samsung was not the company that launched a Smartphone for the first time but in the range of AndroidSmartphone this is the ultimate company that grab the market at first and provide the mobile lovers with a great opportunity to have the best Smartphone in their handandbe connected to the world. The ultimate Samsung Galaxy series is a flagship that is celebrated by the android lovers every year with a new and recent launch of an upgraded version of the series. Every year the family welcomes a new member in them and the Samsung consumers love to upgrade their phones with all new coming model.

A Completely New Sensational Pack

Along with the Samsung phones, the next thing that makes people excited is the sensational gearbox and other accessories attached to it. Now the company is goingtolaunch hits own IA system that will be another addition to the family of Samsung S series. The super efficient machine will have someof the boosted gears that will let you experience some of the differentthings that you simply cannot do right now with your other phones. Although S7 and S7 Plus is the highest sensation now and is giving all the required and efficient features to the users but S8 definitely have somethingelse that is on the waiting list for the consumers and not they will have it all.

Everyone Is Waiting To Be Amazed!

Coming with all Samsung style S8 is the Samsung’s signature phone that is coming with the ultimate warranty of quality and letting you have the best experience with all new technology. Like every other model, this time Samsung tries to put a lot of advancements and attraction on the phone but all of them will only revel after its proper launch by the company. However, according to the rumoursabout the phone, there are different perceptions about the phone that simply enhance your interest in it and make you crazier about it as well. The wait was over in the endof March 2017 and the Samsung lovers has a new sensation in their hand to enjoy and experience a level higher in technology.


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