Mini Tiles – The Latest Trend In Wall Coverings

Mini Tiles – The Latest Trend In Wall Coverings

Tiles are a classic when it comes to choosing wall coverings, which makes them very important in interior decoration. Over the last few years, we have seen the true wonders. Colorful models that have managed to give a special touch to bathrooms and kitchens alike. This time we will talk about the latest trend in wall coverings, the mini tiles.

We love the tiles or mini tiles. The truth is that looking for them on online stores for wall coverings, we can find everything, from the typical tiles to the hexagonal tiles. We can say that there is something for everyone.

Tile wall covering, both for bathrooms and kitchens, has been one of the great decorative solutions for homes. A pleasant material with a great variety of colors and shapes manages to add a decorative style to these areas. Now, formats change, and in addition to finding large tiles, ideal for larger spaces, we also find mini tiles on the market, a new format that architects, designers, decorators and individuals are falling in love with alike.

Although it can simply be a reinvention or an adaptation, the mini tiles make us think of the ancient mosaics. The mosaics were, and are, pictorial works elaborated with small pieces of stone, ceramics, glass and other similar materials that were united to form drawings and different decorative compositions.

Already in the 90s, the walls of mosaics with materials like the gresite could be seen in showers or bathrooms in general, even in kitchens. Maybe the mini tiles have a little to do with this aesthetics.

Metro tiles have been, in recent years, one of the trends in most used wall coverings. This type of tile is ideal in vintage-style environments or even within Nordic or Scandinavian decor. In white, it is always a success, although it is also possible to find them in other colors. The mini metro type tiles come stomping. They are ideal for small spaces. If you find yourself looking for coating for small bathrooms, this is ideal. The same is true of small kitchens.

Hexagonal tiles are also a trend that has caused real excitement. Although in environments with vintage touches, they are usually a success, the use of various materials makes them fit in almost any decorative style. Now you will also see them in mini format as well.

Besides seeing them in walls, we are also beginning to see them in floors. No wonder, the visual effect is charming. A floor with mini hexagonal tiles in black in a white bathroom can be the perfect contrast to make it shine.


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