7 Practical Tips to Choose Your Bathroom Tiles

7 Practical Tips to Choose Your Bathroom Tiles

Yes, the time has come, your bathroom needs a renovation and for this purpose, what could be better than to start choosing the bathroom tiles. If you want to dress the floor of your bathroom, without leaving any decision at random, read on.

  1. If you are daring, you can include designs that mimic nature or more modern effects and textures that are current trends. If you are more restrained, a safe bet and that everyone likes is the marble with large format pieces.
  2. If your creativity leads you to combine two types of tiles, you can include in your shower a hydraulic tile and the rest of the walls and on the floor another simpler one. These types of borders and frames help us to divide stays with diverse functionalities with a moderate use.
  3. If your home has a Nordic style, you should follow the same line. The white tiles are perfect to reflect a Nordic style combined with wood elements.
  4. If your bathroom does not have much natural light, the ideal is to decorate the space with tiles of light colors that bring brightness. However, if your bathroom has enough natural light, you can choose the colors and tones you like, because the atmosphere is already bright. For tile refinishing Buffalo NY by skilled workers, visit bathtubrepairbuffalony.com.
  5. The space of your bathroom already says a lot of the tiles best suited to decorate it, in fact, if it is narrow and elongated, you can widen it with light tiles on the sides and at the bottom of the walls, add a darker tile.
  6. The distribution of the tiles is infinite. You can decorate the entire bathroom with the same tiles, highlight a wall, the shower area or the bath, and combine the floor and ceiling with dark colors and walls with light colors. Also, you can place tiles up to half and paint the rest of the wall. Another option is to create a composition with large and small tiles or to combine two types of small tiles.
  7. As for the choice of colors, the neutral and white tones are the kings in the bathroom decoration.

Play with all the range of decoration possibilities this space offers you and make it cozy and practical. Redesign the bathroom in your house to modernize it.


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