How to Get Hold ON STEEM

How to Get Hold ON STEEM

There are 2 ways to get STEEM, to earn it or to buy it. You can buy STEEM on various famous cryptocurrency exchanges, like Bittrex, Poloniex, ShapeShift. Buying STEEM is most probably fastest way to get hold on this currency. Earning STEEM is possible through engaging with the community of STEEMIT, posting content, sharing, commenting and networking. More valuable contributions are made, more STEEM you are going to earn.

How is Steem And Bitcoins are different from Each other?

Both bitcoin and Steem are digital, peer to peer money. However Steem is a social network that uses a voting system, like upvotes, likes and shares to the most prioritize content. Steem incorporates such concepts into unique blockchain method which pays STEEM for user contributions to this network.

Is Steem Profitable?

You can get maximum opportunities for earning profits if you participate in this network. Rewarding the individuals to create or curate content which provides a value on this community is essence of Steem. New users can have realistic expectations, it is rare for any individual for having first post to go viral as well as earn great rewards.

As Steemit is based on voting system for prioritizing good quality content, there’s strong rewards for the participants to deliver anything. Getting SP or Steem Power is yet another way to grow influence or earnings on Steem Network. This give more to invest in this platform, more you influence upvotes, more will be the opportunity to earn rewards.

What to be aware of?

  • At present, Steemit is the basic application for Steem, though other social platforms can integrate into the blockchain of Steem existing platforms.
  • As users with a lot of Steem Power casts votes with much more weight, getting flagged can give serious impact.
  • Supply of the STEEM is raised by hundred percent each year and it makes it inflationary.
  • Steem works on mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Drag-n-drop image hosting is being integrated in Steemit Platform.
  • Various steps are also being taken for user experience improvements like rebranding of Steemit, updating UI or user interface, simplification of registration process and the like.

What is new at Steemit?

Steem and its developers behind its block chain realizes that it is one of the application which could benefit from this underlying software. Roadmap for this community emphasizes to extend this platform to 3rd party developers also. Adding public service end points and micro services can make it easier for programmers to work on it.


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