Important Aspects about Using Granite Cleaners

Important Aspects about Using Granite Cleaners

Granite countertops maintenance is a simple process if done regularly and certain things are taken into consideration. The important thing to be done is a daily wiping as well as cleaning. It’s important to make use of the right cleaners with regard to granite. Many cleaners are too acidic and may damage the sealant that’s applied to granite counter tops. This permits chemicals to seep to the pores of the granitic and cause damage.

Select a non-acidic cleaner such as Granite Gold Daily Cleaner, and you won’t need to worry about stripping the sealant out of your granite. Be very careful of not using hydrofluoric acid. It is used in many rust removers as well. It will severely dull as well as etch a polished granitic countertop surface. You must find some granite cleaner reviews before you are out in the market to buy a granite cleaner.

If the spill should occur, clean up before the stain has an opportunity to penetrate the surface. Granitic is somewhat absorbent, and can absorb the spilled liquid and can cause unsightly stains if spills are left for a long time.

It is very important sealing granite countertops to protect them in the long run. You need to apply a sealant twice a year to seal the pores within the granite and protect the top. This is as easy as wiping the sealant on to the granite and wiping it off. Most people do make the mistake of not re-sealing their granite counter tops. This needs to be done to be able to ensure a non-porous area, which will protect the actual naturally porous granite and assist in preventing stains and damage.

Stay away from harsh chemicals such as vinegar, ammonia or citrus cleansers within the granite surface since they are vicious substances and can harm the stone. In exactly the same way, do not use rough cleansers simply because they may lighten the stone color over a period of time with small scratches.

Despite the fact that, dish soap is regarded as a soft cleaner, however, if you utilized frequently can leave the coat of soap froth on the counters over time. When you are buying dish soap to make use of on the countertop, just ensure that the soap ought to be lighter than the countertop to prevent any kind of unsightly stains. You should not stand on the countertop as it can crack under too much of a weight.


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